Your Bag



At Active Truth we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and finding ways we can be a more sustainable business. 


We’ve introduced new compostable packaging for our parcel post bags and product bags. Both are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials so they’ll break down easily in your compost or green waste once you’ve received your order. 

We’re reducing our single-use plastics at ATHQ — one caffeine hit at a time. We say no to plastic straws, single use water bottles and disposable coffee cups available in the office. Instead, our team uses refillable water bottles and colourful Keep Cups for their beverage of choice, simply swapping these disposable items for sustainable options. We have recycling stations set up for use and only print when absolutely necessary.

We’ve never included printed invoices with our orders, or attached swing tags to our products. Instead, you can always check in to your customer account on our website, which keeps all of your invoices, product purchases and sizing details for your reference.

We source textiles with sustainability top of mind including souring Australian Merino wool, organic cotton, organic bamboo and recycled polyester.  We are working closely with our textile supplier to transition to recycled or natural fabrics for all our products. A new fabric is currently in development/test phase and we hope to transition to this new fabric by the end of 2020.
We also try to limit the amount of fabric wastage. Remaining fabrics are donated to schools and to a local refugee charity to supply materials for their sewing programs.

We want to simplify our workout wardrobes, and create a new standard that lets us do more - with less. Our activewear is seasonless, sustainable and made from advanced fabrics that utilise world-class techniques. We're creating longer lasting garments that will get you through everything from your workouts to everyday activities, and not have to be replaced season after season. 

Stay tuned for more eco-friendly updates. We’re continually assessing our footprint and options to improve from materials to production to delivery and welcome ideas and feedback at