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Meet the Team — Bel

What's your role at Active Truth?  

My title is Community and Customer Care however I am a bit of an all-rounder! 

Some days you'll find me delivering stock from our Brisbane factory to our warehouse, next day I could be helping Nadia with reporting or I'll be on the website's online chat helping one of our lovely customers choose the right fit.  

How did you come to work at Active Truth? 

I met Stevie and Nadia at Melbourne Fashion Week Plus when they had just started the business 4 years ago. I tried on a pair of AT tights (which I still have mind you - Ultimate 7/8 in Grey Leopard) fell in LOVE with the tights and ended up opening their runway show. I worked with the girls over the next few years as a model, unofficial brand ambassador and lover of AT. That is when my obsession really started and the rest they say is history. When they offered me an opportunity to move back home to QLD to take on a fulltime role with AT back in 2018 I could not say no. 

We know you shouldn't have favourites  .... but which are the best tights?

OMG, this is the hardest question to answer. I get super excited about EVERY new print, and then another one is released and I am equally obsessed about that new one however I have to say the ol' favourite has to be Bronze Leopard and a very close 2nd is the black Workout Tight — I walk everywhere on the weekend so can't go anywhere without a handy pocket. The laser cut outs on the calf just elevates these tights and I feel all the Sports Luxe vibes in these babies. 

Favourite Tune

I am totally obsessed with the Rubens right now, however the tune I am digging at the moment is Sugar by Brockhampton.

Favourite quote?

You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.  

Best life hack?

Pack your bag/plan your outfit/make your lunch for the next day before you go to bed. It eliminates the morning madness.

What is your favourite thing about living in Brisbane?

The sunshine. I find it not only in the weather but in the people too. 

If you could be active anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

I love walking and hiking. I have two trails on my hit list: Machu Picchu and Camino de Santiago.

Are you a podcast convert?

I have finally popped my podcast cherry (very late to the party) however I am hooked on Girls Gotta Eat — two very funny and very open ladies living in New York. It is a refreshing, bold modern take on sex and dating in the modern world. **NSFW!**

Instagram or Facebook? Who is your favourite personality/brand to follow? 

I love following Zoe Foster Blake and I do enjoy the LOLs and some lightheartedness whilst still being able to share and touch on some real and current topics so my homegirls Jessica Vander Leahy and Renee Gartner 

What is your favourite way to get the endorphins going?

I am obsessed with F45 and I love walking.

If you could go for a walk with anyone, who would that person be?

Channing Tatum — oh hang you said walk? In that case it would be Jimmy Fallon. He makes me LOL on the train  

Favourite snack or meal?

Whilst I am all about the snack life I cannot go past a rock-solid Acai Bowl. Best in Brisbane: Mylk and Co (New Farm) My Mistress (Clayfield) Bared Naked Bowls (Newstead) and in Sydney: Merchants of Ultimo (Broadway Shopping Centre)

What is your star sign? 


Are tights pants?

Umm is that even a question? 100% Tights = Pants. All day. E'ry Day!!! 

Favourite book/blog?

When it comes to reading I'm not really into anything too deep. My favourite author would be Liane Moriaty.

What is important to you in a pair of leggings?

They need to stay put, hold me in and make me feel bangin'!!

Introvert or extrovert?

Contrary to popular belief, I am an extroverted introvert.

Favourite childhood memory?

I have always been a water baby, I have very fond memories of splashing in the backyard with my little bro and family dog, Tessie. 

Top workout tip?

Listen to your body, know your limits, modify when you have to and don't worry about what you do as long as you move in your own way, on your terms.

Pockets or no pockets?

Weekends I am team pockets. When I am training I prefer without. 

Favourite Aussie small business?

Hear Us Roar: Another small biz boss babe doing fabulous things for curve fashion. 

What is your secret pleasure?

I am a sun lover — however, I don't think it is a secret.

Must watch Netflix series?

You. Virgin River.

Fave playlist?

This little collection of songs is a real mixed bag of genres and artists which kind of describes me in a nutshell too! Not only does includes some straight-up bangers, it also has some different tunes that evoke different emotions with me — some remind me of loving really hard, some makes me sad, some remind me of special people or moments, some fill my cup with all the sunshine and they all hit me right in the feels.