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Meet the team — Georgie

What's your role at Active Truth? 

Design and Production.

How did you come to work at Active Truth? 

I was freelancing for AT from Melbourne and moved up to join the team permanently in 2019.

We know you shouldn't have favourites  .... but which are the best tights?

Midnight, I love colours but mostly wear plain colour myself... I know, it doesn't make sense.

Favourite Tune?

Too many to choose from but I'll go with "You Make My Dreams" Hall & Oats. 

Favourite quote? 

I never remember any...I'll go with "stay calm and drink wine".

Best life hack? 

Olive oil, For everything.  I use it on my skin and it's the best product I've even used!!!

What is your favourite thing about living in Brisbane? 

The weather... I'm from Melbourne... enough said.

If you could (hike/swim/yoga/insert activity) anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

Swim with Great Whites in Port Lincoln... the ethical versions.

Are you a podcast convert?

Yes, Freakonomics Radio

Instagram or Facebook? Who is your favourite personality/brand to follow?

Instagram, Momo Face @momosface 

If you could go for a walk with anyone, who would that person be?

I like to walk with headphones but I'd go to dinner with Malcolm Gladwell.     

Favourite snack or meal?

Arancini Balls or Gyoza. Straight from the Freezer, I don't cook...well.

What is your star sign? 


Are tights pants? 


Favourite book? 

My favourite book is a book I read in high school - The Red Tent By Anita Diamant.

What is important to you in a pair of leggings? 

Support the jiggle.

Introvert or extrovert? 


Favourite childhood memory?

Anything with my pets.

Top workout tip? 

Running, even a light jog is great for your mental state and skin.

Pockets or no pockets? 


What is your secret pleasure? 

Youtube hole... not really secret

Must watch series?

"The Outsider" on Foxtel.

Favourite playlist?